DRUMLITE – Bright Gift Idea for Your Favorite Drummer

Are you looking for a great gift idea for that special drummer on your list? Look no further than DrumLite!

Jeff Sevaldson and Joey Nesbitt, of iW Drums, manufacture and sell wireless remote lighting kits for drums. Using the same RGB technology that professional LED lighting kits use, DrumLite offers a complete DIY package to outfit your drums! They focus on making your kit so you can focus on your drumming passion. No need to search for the best quality parts, no hassle trying to figure out wiring, and no need to spend thousands of dollars for someone else to install it.

All DrumLite kits feature quick plug ‘n’ play setup. No soldering. No drilling. No cutting. Simply install the adhesive-backed LED drum light strips on the inside of your

drum shell (acrylic or wood) and run the cables through your drum’s air vent hole.  Make a few quick connections and you’re ready to go!  The 24 button, 4 function wireless remote allows you to change the color, pattern, and intensity for unlimited drum lighting effects!

Jeff and Joey, the company’s only two employees, decided to launch iW Drums in May – one month after they conceived the idea. Being drummers and broke college students at the time (Jeff has now graduated and Joey is a current senior, both from the University of St. Thomas), they were looking for a way to make a couple of bucks and take their stage presence to the next level. After generating lots of buzz by putting the lighting systems into their own kits, they decided to make these kits available to others and start their own business before they even graduated college. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, they can be reached via their website: iwdrum.com

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