Drum Channel Offers Special “Members Only” Exclusive Rush Track “YYZ” With Isolated Drums PLUS Neil Peart Interview

Drum Channel and Jammit announce a special promotion offering exclusive free access to the Rush Track “YYZ available only to Drum Channel members.

Jammit allows users to isolate the drums from the rest of the instruments on the legendary “YYZ” track, learn the track and then record your own version. The promotion allows signed up members of Drum Channel to get the song free and download a free Neil Peart interview at the same time.and record your own before sending it to your friends or teacher.

“YYZ” is one of Rush’s most iconic instrumental tracks, featured on their album Moving Pictures and a staple for their live shows. Neil has received numerous awards for his musical performances and is known for his technical proficiency, stamina and drum solos, characterized by complex arrangements and long, intricate passages in odd time signatures.

This members-only opportunity from Drum Channel will enable you to clearly see how Neil Peart performs the Grammy award nominated track “YYZ”. If you are already a Drum Channel member, simply log in. If you are not a member join now. Not only will you get access to this fabulous Jammit offer, you will also have access to over one hundred and fifty hours of drum lessons, over one hundred hours of shows, jams and bands with lots more added English: Neil Peart of Rush live in concert at...on a weekly basis. You will also find live lessons, be able to get feedback from the Pro’s on your playing, and if you subscribe for 12 months with the holiday special you will get two Drum Channel DVDs. To get jamming to “YYZ”, visit DrumChannel.com.


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