Zildjian Rings In 2012 With Additions To Their Flag Ship Cymbal Lines: Part I – Rochester drums | Examiner.com

Zildjian Rings In 2012 With Additions To Their Flag Ship Cymbal Lines: Part I – Rochester drums | Examiner.com.

Zildjian recently announced their new cymbals for 2012. Here is the first of two articles highlighting the new offerings.

A Custom

20th Anniversary A Custom 21" Ride

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the A Custom cymbal line, Zildjian has launched the new 21” Anniversary Ride, available in 2012 only. The new 21” size is extremely versatile, making it well suited for all types of musical settings. Retaining all of the A Custom cymbal line attributes, the new 21” Anniversary Ride features symmetrical hammering, brilliant finish, and medium weight for a balanced sound that is neither too high nor too low. Known for its crisp, sweet sound, this cymbal’s loud, penetrating bell is also ideal for Latin patterns. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the A Custom line, a cream-white logo and special trademark have been added to the cymbal. Special trade and consumer events commemorating the Anniversary will be announced throughout the year.

A Zildjian Pocket HiHats

A Zildjian

The A Zildjian Line now includes the 13″ A Zildjian Pocket HiHats as a stand-alone product. Originally introduced as part of its successful Inspiration Pack for Gospel and Praise and Worship, these 13” A Zildjian HiHats feature a thin top and heavy bottom providing plenty of chick that’s explosive, bright, and quick to decay. Unlathed and featuring large crater-style hammering, these HiHats make an ideal set for just about any musical genre including funk, hip hop, pop, and rock.

K Custom

K Custom Line

Finally, Zildjian brings some fierce sounds to the K Custom Line of cymbals. Unlathed, but extensively hammered throughout the body and bell, the all-new K Custom Dark Complex Ride features a proprietary satin finish that adds to its unique appearance. Available in 21” and 22” sizes, these Rides are dark and complex, with good stick definition and just enough spread. Both sizes are medium-thin in weight. Another innovation of the Zildjian Sound Lab is the 19″ K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash. Designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, the 19” Trash Smash is ideal for both crashing and riding, either on the outer edge or main body. With its inverted bell, extensive hammering, and thin weight, this cymbal lives up to its name, delivering plenty of trash when it’s smashed. A very playable and controllable cymbal, the K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash features an abundance of overtones for a completely new sound. The K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash is thin in weight.

Zildjian’s website lists a number of artists with ties to the Rochester, NY area. They include:

Gretsch Drums

Stunning Automotive Inspired Gretsch Renown57 Drum Set – Rochester drums | Examiner.com.


I don’t know about you, but drums and cars are my two favorite pastimes. Anything that can combine the two is OK by me. Thanks to Gretsch Drums, the two have come together in a big way!Gretsch Renown57

Gretsch shatters conventional drum design with the Renown57 in Motor City Blue. According to the Gretsch website, the Renown57 is inspired by the great American car companies from the 1950’s. The Renown57 incorporates timeless, iconic car design elements and applies them to drums. The “hood ornament” is the Renown chevron, an aluminum triangular teardrop painted white with raised beveled chrome edges and embossed chrome Gretsch logo. Matching throne from Gibraltar Hardware is included FREE for a limited time. Renown57 has standard Renown Maple specifications that produce punchy, full tones and rock solid performance.


  • On thing that jumps out as soon as you look at the Renown57 is the innovative drum set design. With the proportionately-sized 3-D chevrons, it really looks like a car from the 50’s.
  • Gretsch ball-socket tom holder with 12.7mm tom arms. Maple shells with 30-degree edges and Silver Sealer interiors
  • Heavy duty 12.7mm FT legs. Chambered FT rubber tips for enhanced sustain
  • Evans EMAD BD batter head. Evans G1 coated batter heads on toms/snare
  • Matching Gibraltar throne (FREE)


The Renown line of drums is aimed at the touring pro drummer or the advanced amateur. If you are in the Rochester, NY area, you can find Gretsch Drums at GUITAR CENTER and HOUSE OF GUITARS. I look forward to checking this kit out in person very soon.

Stunning Automotive Inspired Gretsch Renown57 Drum Set – Rochester drums | Examiner.com

DW Upgrades Industry Standard 5000 Pedals

Drum Workshop, Inc. has recently announced upgrades to its industry-­standard line of 5000 bass drum pedals.

DW5000 Bass Drum Pedal

Among the improvements to the new 5000AD4 pedals are a Tri-Pivot toe clamp that includes 3 self-­adjusting rubber-­coated pads that securely anchors the pedal to a variety of bass drum counter hoop sizes, a Dual-Spring Rocker that improves the feel and recoil of the pedal and a non-skid rubber pad under the base plate designed for wood, carpet and other playing surfaces. DW Director of Research and Development, Rich Sikra, comments, “This pedal has had incredible longevity in the marketplace and part of the reason for that is that we’re always improving the pedal’s functionality. There’s a world of difference between this latest incarnation of the 5000 and the pedal that became popular in the 70s and 80s. Of course, if you still want the original design, we offer our 6000 Series pedals. We’re always thinking about how we can make these pedals better. How can we make a product that can further the art of drumming? We think this new 5000 is our best yet.”

Other standard features include, Delta ball-­bearing hinge, 101 2-way beater, light-weight aluminum base plate, Turbo or Accelerator dual-chain and sprocket drive cam, single post casting (5002), precision universal joint (5002), road-worthy all-metal construction and more.

5002 pedals include a free, upgraded ballistic nylon pedal case and all DW pedals include a limited 5 year warranty.

DW Founder, Don Lombardi, comments about his flagship product, “Our company was basically founded on the 5000 pedal and we’ve

5000 Double Bass Drum Pedals

always considered ourselves a pedal company first. I’m really proud of this new pedal and we’ve only improved upon an already good thing. We were really careful not to reinvent the wheel. Drummers are really comfortable with this pedal, so we wanted to maintain the basic feel and keep it as reliable as ever.”

The 5000AD4 Series single pedal retails for $316.99 and the 5002AD4 Double version retails for $699.99.

For further information head over to www.dwdrums.com.

ArtistWorks Launches Online Drum Schools with Top Drummers Billy Cobham and Thomas Lang

Italiano: Billy Cobham nell'edizione 2010

Billy Cobham

Thomas Lang

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 08, 2011

Napa California-based music education technology company ArtistWorks has opened the ArtistWorks Drum Academy today with the launch of online drum schools from two of the world’s top drummers: world-renowned fusion and jazz drumming legend Billy Cobham and rock drumming superstar Thomas Lang. Both the Billy Cobham School of Drums and the Thomas Lang School of Drums utilize ArtistWorks’ patent-pending video technology, enabling drummers around the world to receive personalized video feedback and take online drum lessons to an unprecedented new level. In addition, the ArtistWorks Drum Academy will offer a new unique drum looping tool on all video lessons, enabling students a chance to isolate and loop segments until they grasp the material.

“We firmly believe that a passion for playing music is fueled by an interactive environment where Artist Instructors can individually address each students needs, as well as allow students to interact with each other,” says ArtistWorks founder, David Butler. “We are proud to offer students unparalleled, direct access to the world’s best players regardless of their geographic location or skill level,”

The Thomas Lang School of Drums and the Billy Cobham School of Drums contain hundreds of high-quality video drumming lessons that start at a fundamental level of how to play drums and gradually progress to the advanced level. Unlike other static learning methods seen before on DVD or other websites, the ArtistWorks Drum Academy uses ArtistWorks’ groundbreaking Video Exchange™ technology which is currently revolutionizing music education. All of ArtistWorks’ schools take full advantage of high-resolution video, multi-angle camera view selection, cutting-edge social media tools, and the Internet’s vast interactive capabilities to create a robust learning environment. Not only do the schools offer hundreds of real-time and slow motion lessons available 24/7, they enable teaching through personalized video exchanges to drummers all over the world.

Award-winning drumming superstar Thomas Lang is a founding member of the progressive heavy metal trio st0rk, and has worked with artists such as Asia, John Wetton and Vienna Art Orchestra among others. Lang is widely considered to be one of the most talented and technically proficient drummers in the world and was named #13 on Rhythm magazine’s list of “Top Drummers of the Past 25 Years” .

“Learning should be an organic, multi-dimensional experience and with the ArtistWorks Drum Academy students get the benefit of social interaction as well as direct, personal instruction.” – Thomas Lang

Legendary jazz drummer, bandleader and composer Billy Cobham played with Miles Davis, Jack Bruce, and Bobby and the Midnights among others. Cobham, along with John McLaughlin, Rick Laird and Jan Hammer is a founding member of the famed Mahavishnu Orchestra. Cobham has performed, recorded, and produced at the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) with Peter Gabriel and currently serves as an Official Patron of WOMAD. With his legendary drumming style that combines exacting precision and explosive power, Cobham is generally considered to be jazz-fusion’s greatest and most influential drummer.

“I’m very pleased that I now have the ability to work with so many students in such a unique and fun way,” says Cobham. “Students support each other while everyone explores all of the lessons. There is an environment of camaraderie and unity that is essential to learning. This is incredibly exciting.”- Billy Cobham

The Thomas Lang School of Drums and the Billy Cobham School of Drums debuts December 8th and are open to drummers of all levels of proficiency. The Luis Conte School of Percussion will be added in 2012. Student membership plans are reasonably priced per school at $90.00 for 3 months, $150.00 for 6 months, and $240.00 for a 12-month subscription.

Founded in 2008 by former AOL executive David Butler, ArtistWorks’ visual education format allows hand-selected musicians to teach students all over the world by presenting their full method in a series of high-quality video lessons online. Students are able to submit videos to their teachers for custom and personalized critique and guidance – creating an individualized educational experience. ArtistWorks currently offers curriculums from such world-class, virtuoso artists as: Andreas Oberg (jazz guitar lessons); Howard Levy (harmonica lessons); Martin Taylor (fingerstyle guitar lessons); DJ Qbert (DJ lessons); Christie Peery (piano lessons); and the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass with Tony Trischka (banjo lessons), Mike Marshall (mandolin lessons), Darol Anger (fiddle lessons), Bryan Sutton (guitar lessons), Missy Raines (bass lessons), and Andy Hall (dobro lessons).

For an exclusive preview, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfzSf3aO_SI

For more information please visit: http://www.artistworksdrumacademy.com

For original release please visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/12/prweb9024463.htm

Drum Channel Offers Special “Members Only” Exclusive Rush Track “YYZ” With Isolated Drums PLUS Neil Peart Interview

Drum Channel and Jammit announce a special promotion offering exclusive free access to the Rush Track “YYZ available only to Drum Channel members.

Jammit allows users to isolate the drums from the rest of the instruments on the legendary “YYZ” track, learn the track and then record your own version. The promotion allows signed up members of Drum Channel to get the song free and download a free Neil Peart interview at the same time.and record your own before sending it to your friends or teacher.

“YYZ” is one of Rush’s most iconic instrumental tracks, featured on their album Moving Pictures and a staple for their live shows. Neil has received numerous awards for his musical performances and is known for his technical proficiency, stamina and drum solos, characterized by complex arrangements and long, intricate passages in odd time signatures.

This members-only opportunity from Drum Channel will enable you to clearly see how Neil Peart performs the Grammy award nominated track “YYZ”. If you are already a Drum Channel member, simply log in. If you are not a member join now. Not only will you get access to this fabulous Jammit offer, you will also have access to over one hundred and fifty hours of drum lessons, over one hundred hours of shows, jams and bands with lots more added English: Neil Peart of Rush live in concert at...on a weekly basis. You will also find live lessons, be able to get feedback from the Pro’s on your playing, and if you subscribe for 12 months with the holiday special you will get two Drum Channel DVDs. To get jamming to “YYZ”, visit DrumChannel.com.

DRUMLITE – Bright Gift Idea for Your Favorite Drummer

Are you looking for a great gift idea for that special drummer on your list? Look no further than DrumLite!

Jeff Sevaldson and Joey Nesbitt, of iW Drums, manufacture and sell wireless remote lighting kits for drums. Using the same RGB technology that professional LED lighting kits use, DrumLite offers a complete DIY package to outfit your drums! They focus on making your kit so you can focus on your drumming passion. No need to search for the best quality parts, no hassle trying to figure out wiring, and no need to spend thousands of dollars for someone else to install it.

All DrumLite kits feature quick plug ‘n’ play setup. No soldering. No drilling. No cutting. Simply install the adhesive-backed LED drum light strips on the inside of your

drum shell (acrylic or wood) and run the cables through your drum’s air vent hole.  Make a few quick connections and you’re ready to go!  The 24 button, 4 function wireless remote allows you to change the color, pattern, and intensity for unlimited drum lighting effects!

Jeff and Joey, the company’s only two employees, decided to launch iW Drums in May – one month after they conceived the idea. Being drummers and broke college students at the time (Jeff has now graduated and Joey is a current senior, both from the University of St. Thomas), they were looking for a way to make a couple of bucks and take their stage presence to the next level. After generating lots of buzz by putting the lighting systems into their own kits, they decided to make these kits available to others and start their own business before they even graduated college. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, they can be reached via their website: iwdrum.com

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