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The Missing Link(s)

I’ve added a drum related links page to my 4DrummersOnly, as well as, a list of personal favorites that are on left side of every page on the site. Nelson Drum Craft is the site of a respected custom drum maker in the Rochester, NY area and is owned by Steve Nelson. He is a great resource and a nice guy. I also have found a site called, aptly enough, Drum Links. It is the mother of all drum link pages that i could not possibly hope to recreate. Instead, I’ll try to find sites that might be off the beatEN path or ones that I just feel like sharing.

Speaking of sharing, feel free to post links you like, as well as, link to my site.


Welcome to For Drummers Only

About This Site

The intent of For Drummers Only is to offer drummers a place to keep up on the latest developments in the drumming world.  Look for:

  • Industry news gathered from various sources and presented in one place
  • The latest info on your favorite drummers; from who is drumming with what band or artist, to their latest solo projects, book, or DVD
  • Drummer interviews
  • Helpful links to other quality drum resources
  • Whatever else I can think of or, just as importantly, you suggest or crave

About This Drummer

My name is Wally David. I have been playing the drums since I received my first kit in 1976. I’d played in my school music program from the 2nd grade until I started playing the kit. Good by concert bass drum, hello rock and roll!

I played the drums through college and then entered the real world of work, wedding, kids and so on. Fast forward 20 years or so and I’m playing again. As the kids have gotten older, my evenings have freed up significantly. Suddenly, I had time to join a band and get back into it.

It took some time to knock off 20 years of rust, but I’m playing better than I ever did before at the ripe old age of 47. I am the drummer for a blues/southern rock band called Route 49, based in Rochester, NY. We have a simple configuration; guitar, bass and drums, plus a female lead singer. I’m also the webmaster for the band.

My day job is in the IT field, but I have a background in writing and photography. I’m putting them to use again and For Drummers Only is the result.