Zildjian Rings In 2012 With Additions To Their Flag Ship Cymbal Lines: Part I – Rochester drums | Examiner.com

Zildjian Rings In 2012 With Additions To Their Flag Ship Cymbal Lines: Part I – Rochester drums | Examiner.com.

Zildjian recently announced their new cymbals for 2012. Here is the first of two articles highlighting the new offerings.

A Custom

20th Anniversary A Custom 21" Ride

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the A Custom cymbal line, Zildjian has launched the new 21” Anniversary Ride, available in 2012 only. The new 21” size is extremely versatile, making it well suited for all types of musical settings. Retaining all of the A Custom cymbal line attributes, the new 21” Anniversary Ride features symmetrical hammering, brilliant finish, and medium weight for a balanced sound that is neither too high nor too low. Known for its crisp, sweet sound, this cymbal’s loud, penetrating bell is also ideal for Latin patterns. To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the A Custom line, a cream-white logo and special trademark have been added to the cymbal. Special trade and consumer events commemorating the Anniversary will be announced throughout the year.

A Zildjian Pocket HiHats

A Zildjian

The A Zildjian Line now includes the 13″ A Zildjian Pocket HiHats as a stand-alone product. Originally introduced as part of its successful Inspiration Pack for Gospel and Praise and Worship, these 13” A Zildjian HiHats feature a thin top and heavy bottom providing plenty of chick that’s explosive, bright, and quick to decay. Unlathed and featuring large crater-style hammering, these HiHats make an ideal set for just about any musical genre including funk, hip hop, pop, and rock.

K Custom

K Custom Line

Finally, Zildjian brings some fierce sounds to the K Custom Line of cymbals. Unlathed, but extensively hammered throughout the body and bell, the all-new K Custom Dark Complex Ride features a proprietary satin finish that adds to its unique appearance. Available in 21” and 22” sizes, these Rides are dark and complex, with good stick definition and just enough spread. Both sizes are medium-thin in weight. Another innovation of the Zildjian Sound Lab is the 19″ K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash. Designed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, the 19” Trash Smash is ideal for both crashing and riding, either on the outer edge or main body. With its inverted bell, extensive hammering, and thin weight, this cymbal lives up to its name, delivering plenty of trash when it’s smashed. A very playable and controllable cymbal, the K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash features an abundance of overtones for a completely new sound. The K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash is thin in weight.

Zildjian’s website lists a number of artists with ties to the Rochester, NY area. They include:


Gruv Gear Supports Career Musicians Through Sweet Relief Musicians Funds – Rochester drums | Examiner.com

Gruv Gear Supports Career Musicians Through Sweet Relief Musicians Funds – Rochester drums | Examiner.com.

Gruv Gear, Orange County California-based designer and manufacturer of innovative utility

Gruv Gear Stadium Bag

carts, music products and accessories, announces its contribution and support to Sweet Relief Musicians Funds, an organization dedicated to help career musicians career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems, according to a press release from PRWeb,

Sweet Relief was founded by singer-songwriter Victoria Williams in 1993. Victoria, while on a career-making tour with Neil Young was forced to leave the tour in mid-schedule after experiencing unexplained debilitating symptoms. A long and painful diagnostic process revealed she had multiple sclerosis.

A group of friends assembled an all-star album of Victoria’s songs, Sweet Relief, which alleviated much of her medical debt. The line-up included Pearl Jam, Lou Reed, Maria McKee, Soul Asylum, Lucinda Williams and others.

Williams new that there were many musicians in her situation – unable to afford medical expenses and compromised in their ability to work. She donated some of her proceeds from the album to found Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Williams is listed on the Sweet Relief’s website, as a board member, along with an impressive roster of people, many with ties to the music industry.

Gruv Gear’s contribution of its top-of-the-line multi-use backpack for traveling musicians, the Stadium Bag, was a well-appreciated gift to the cause “As a musician, I’m well aware how much we rely on our main tools… Our hands, our minds, our health” says Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear.

“Any disability or health issues directly affect our performance, and for many, their careers and livelihood. Sweet Relief has created an amazing program where everyone can take part and lend support, from large acts including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, and Cold Play. We’re honored to be a part of this effort.”

Sweet Relief has a local Rochester, NY connection. Matthew Kaplan, an attorney from New Jersey, is on the board of Sweet Relief. Kaplan, whose legal practice represents musical acts, studied music at the Eastman School of Music, in Rochester.

For more information on multiple sclerosis in the Rochester area, please contact the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Upstate New York Chapter.Currently, the Upstate New York Chapter is nationally recognized as a leader in providing comprehensive service programs for nearly 12,000 people with MS and their families in 50 counties.

Click here for the full press release.

Gretsch Drums

Stunning Automotive Inspired Gretsch Renown57 Drum Set – Rochester drums | Examiner.com.


I don’t know about you, but drums and cars are my two favorite pastimes. Anything that can combine the two is OK by me. Thanks to Gretsch Drums, the two have come together in a big way!Gretsch Renown57

Gretsch shatters conventional drum design with the Renown57 in Motor City Blue. According to the Gretsch website, the Renown57 is inspired by the great American car companies from the 1950’s. The Renown57 incorporates timeless, iconic car design elements and applies them to drums. The “hood ornament” is the Renown chevron, an aluminum triangular teardrop painted white with raised beveled chrome edges and embossed chrome Gretsch logo. Matching throne from Gibraltar Hardware is included FREE for a limited time. Renown57 has standard Renown Maple specifications that produce punchy, full tones and rock solid performance.


  • On thing that jumps out as soon as you look at the Renown57 is the innovative drum set design. With the proportionately-sized 3-D chevrons, it really looks like a car from the 50’s.
  • Gretsch ball-socket tom holder with 12.7mm tom arms. Maple shells with 30-degree edges and Silver Sealer interiors
  • Heavy duty 12.7mm FT legs. Chambered FT rubber tips for enhanced sustain
  • Evans EMAD BD batter head. Evans G1 coated batter heads on toms/snare
  • Matching Gibraltar throne (FREE)


The Renown line of drums is aimed at the touring pro drummer or the advanced amateur. If you are in the Rochester, NY area, you can find Gretsch Drums at GUITAR CENTER and HOUSE OF GUITARS. I look forward to checking this kit out in person very soon.

Stunning Automotive Inspired Gretsch Renown57 Drum Set – Rochester drums | Examiner.com